Talent connections and sourcing are the future for companies, enabling global scalability and reduced costs

The I Pair U platform empowers businesses of any size to effortlessly integrate a flexible workforce into their operations. A gateway to a strategic talent repository, aiding in forward-thinking workforce planning, facilitating direct sourcing, and fostering enduring partnerships.

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The Solution: One Source - Tailored Interfaces For All User Types

Direct-to-talent connections and direct sourcing represent the future for companies. Leveraging talent pool technology enables companies worldwide to enhance scalability and lower expenses.

Easy Set-up, A Bolt-On Solution

At I Pair U, we customize our approach to match the maturity of your contingent workforce program, aligning it with your specific needs and goals.

We start from your current position and offer a unique strategy to help you progress toward a fully integrated talent strategy.

  • Seamless Setup
  • Customized and guided onboarding for your company
  • Initiate self-directed user onboarding, launch your job board effortlessly, and begin inviting and welcoming your internal team and the external workforce.
  • A dedicated customer success team on standby
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I Pair U is revolutionizing workforce management, empowering companies with remarkable efficiency and adaptability, and leading the way to the future.

We envision talent ecosystems where every person and organization is empowered to realize their utmost potential, where skills are honored, and where potential is demonstrated. I Pair U is linking businesses with skilled individuals locally and globally.

Envision a world where every individual, regardless of background or location, has the resources to succeed and organizations of all sizes tap into a diverse global talent pool to innovate and grow.

I Pair U is more than a talent marketplace; it drives the work evolution. It offers an AI-powered Total Workforce Management (TWM) platform that digitizes the talent supply chain, connecting companies, suppliers, and workers globally. This platform facilitates the complete and efficient utilization of contingent workforces and direct sourcing.

We're crafting tomorrow's workforce ecosystem.

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Accounts Connected By Trusts

Users own their accounts and data, establishing trust with the company.

I Pair U revolutionizes user interaction by granting each individual autonomy over their data. This empowerment nurtures a heightened sense of responsibility and drastically improves data quality. The paramount advantage of this model is its strict conformity to compliance, GDPR, and other regulatory standards. We adeptly tackle prevalent regulatory hurdles by shifting data ownership to the users and enabling them to share their content with the organization. A durable mutual rapport is cultivated through a bilateral trust pact: "You can access my data as long as you contribute to its accuracy and keep it current."

This unified strategy applies equally to job seekers, employees, and freelancers/independent consultants.

  • Effortlessly gather all your professional milestones under one roof, where you're in complete control.

  • Always current, your profile remains perpetually refreshed.

  • Seamlessly forge connections, extend invitations for collaboration, and engage in meaningful reviews. Effortlessly assemble and cultivate pools of trusted talent.

We are fully dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and succeed!

We are committed to offering our clients the necessary resources to drive their critical business initiatives. Simultaneously, we aim to guarantee the success of everyone who engages with I Pair U—whether individuals, members of a workforce, or business representatives.


We provide tailored onboarding for new clients to ensure desired business outcomes. Users, employees, and freelancers can enjoy a fully self-service onboarding process for rapid deployment.


Our dedicated Customer Success Team is committed to providing the support you need to thrive and excel.


Conducting a risk assessment is the first step toward full compliance. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of contingent labor to identify co-employment risks in advance.


The I Pair U Platform provides a comprehensive integration solution for workforce management, enabling data-driven decision-making and program optimization.