I Pair U presents the future of contingent and extended workforce management, offering solutions for VMS, Direct Sourcing, and more.

A seamless process for sharing career records, leveraging talent pools and trusted connections.

We're transforming the way career achievements are distributed worldwide, giving power back to people, companies, and institutions with groundbreaking technology that is accessible, transparent, secure, and autonomous.

I Pair U is dedicated to creating the future's foundational data infrastructure, revolutionizing the global employment landscape.

With I Pair U, the era of sifting through traditional resumes is over—no need for ATS systems. We grant direct access to the core data. A candidate's experiences, skills, and capabilities are dynamically tailored to match the job description. Say goodbye to the days of endlessly customized CVs; we operate with a single, constantly updated source of truth.

I Pair U trusted network

Introducing I Pair U Network™

Introducing a revolutionary, trust-centric, decentralized platform that transforms the antiquated and disjointed method through which professionals showcase their career achievements across the job market. This network is a public resource, ensuring GDPR compliance while securely maintaining career histories for all labor market stakeholders.

Leverage the power of your Career Wallet account directly from your devices, establishing a seamless connection with employers, academic institutions, and certifying organizations to obtain digitally authenticated records of your career milestones, educational accomplishments, skill set, and qualifications. These records are fortified by evaluations from employers or clients for a given project, allowing you to curate and disseminate your professional dossier at your discretion. Skill sets are corroborated, and discrepancies between personal assessments and external evaluations are measured, culminating in accurately reflecting your capabilities.

I Pair U Career Wallet

What Is a Career Wallet

At the heart of I Pair U lies the Career Wallet, a unique and private account bestowed upon every platform member. This personal vault becomes essential when one embarks on a new employment journey or steps into the role of a freelancer or consultant. Through a secure, straightforward, and confidential process, trust is established. This foundational trust facilitates the maintenance of an always-current professional profile, enabling authorized parties to access and update your data seamlessly.

The essence of the I Pair U Network™ is based on Career Wallets. They empower users to gather and secure their professional achievements and endorsements from employers and clients. These accomplishments are then transformed into verifiable credentials, neatly organized within the wallet, ready to be shared at the user's discretion with prospective employers or collaborators, all while adhering to individual privacy preferences. The beauty of the I Pair U Network™ lies in its flexible, wallet-agnostic nature, welcoming any system that adopts its standards to join in fostering a more connected and transparent professional world.

The I Pair U Network™ prides itself on its openness, designed to be wallet-neutral. This inclusivity ensures that any platform embracing the I Pair U Network™ standards can seamlessly integrate, fostering participation across diverse systems.

What Is a Career Wallet At the heart of I Pair U lies the Career Wallet, a unique and private account bestowed upon every platform member


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Designed by expert contingent workforce practitioners and technologists, I Pair U empowers internal and external teams managing extended workforce programs to fulfill customer satisfaction commitments. When you combine your expertise with our technology, we create business synergies on the backend that you can utilize in the market.